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mi traducete queste 2 righe per favore? dall’inglese

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I watch all those hoarding shows, not because I’m fascinated by the psychologyebut because I love to clean! I love to clean and throw things away. I’m not a hunter and gatherer type at all (that’s McIrish, prince of dumpster diving and tag sales). I’m what every hunter gatherer needs for balance. A burner and a purger.

I can’t help it. I have an obsessive need to tidy things. I love cleaning products! I love vacuuming! Parker and James definitely could’ve used my help. Oh, the joy of tossing unusable garbage! The giddy logic of knowing that no, they never would need those six dozen extra coat hangers! The intoxicating scent of Lemon Pine-Sol!

And, as Parker and James discover, the deep satisfaction of finding a house under all that rubble. Of making something valuable of something thrown away. And yes, the joy of a sparkly clean kitchen. : )